I know, I haven't been online in a while.

With school starting up and me going back to leagues on the weekened I haven't had much time to really do anything but hangoit on Tumblr and prepare for my classes which will start buckling down rather soon being the second week of classes and all. I haven't found a job but I hope that will change soon. If not then I'll put more time into making icons. Also I have been getting into gif making reccently because of my Tumblr. I'll probably start making gif icons as well. Expect a batch in the next week!! See you all soon!

Icon Batch! 11番 + Requests

I've had such a block this week. None of the creative juices have been flowing in my head so I didn't make much this week but I did handle the requests I was asked to work on. =x I hope they are liked!! I'm sorry if they weren't as expected!

Total Count - x046
Icons ---x046 (Requests x013)


Pokemon ---x005
Girls Generation ---x015
SHINee ---x005
Super Junior ---x005
Stock ---x002
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Icon Requests?

Yep! I've been debating sometime for the past few weeks about doing requests and I've decided to go ahead and act on it now. As most of you know I (usually) post icon batches on Mondays sometime in the evenings and I've been getting rather creative with my works reccently, I want to try and channel some of that with other people by taking requests from some and or many people that are interested.

If you're interested in the idea shoot me a comment or message with a link to the picture you want worked on and if you want anything special done to it. Now onto posting this week's icons!!!
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Icon Batch! 9番 +Other Goodies

So late! So late! So late! So late! So late! So late! So late! DDDDDD'=

Total Count - x085
Icons ---x076
GIFs ---x007
Colorings ---x001
Wallpaper ---x001


Pokemon ---x026
Voc@loid ---x009
SHINee ---x014
Super Junior (All Kyuhyun) ---x008
Stock ---x019
Manga Coloring ---x001
GIFs ---x007
Wallpaper - FFXIII-2 ---x001

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For those of you that don't know Japan was hit by another severe quake measuring 7.0, just as bad as the one dated back in March. Although, the damage wasn't as bad as the first one there still was quite a bit of it there. I know many people can't really do much but if you care enough wish and hope that everyone that was devastated by it will be okay.

Send your prayers out to the Japanese!

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Icon Batch! 8番

I know this is late. <.< Blame the lack of internet at home. Happy 4th Everyone! Hope you enjoy the fireworks and other things going on tonight!
Edit 2011/07/05 - 16:35 - Added Media

Total Count - x049
Icons ---x048
Screencaps ---x001 (Set)


REBORN! ---x004
AnoHana (Possible Spoilers!!!) ---x029
Super Junior (All Kyuhyun) ---x005
SM the Ballad ---x010
Screencaps ---x245

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